Pop prince, Roy Lucian Baza, unleashes alt-pop groove on his latest single, ‘Finally Me.’

If you were to make a comeback to the industry, it would be with Roy Lucian Baza’s latest track. After a two-year hiatus—due to being diagnosed with the eye disease Glaucoma—Roy is back casting a fine eye over pop’s boundless possibilities, as he constructs contemporary soundscapes packed with funky rhythms and infectious hooks. Proving that he’s here to stay, his latest single, ‘Finally Me’ showcases pop’s vast spectrum, as Roy embodies the joy of self-realisation.


While Roy has released a steady slew of singles prior to ‘Finally Me’, this track marks a particular turning point in his career. Previously crafting tracks with a hint of melancholic darkness, exemplified by his debut album Roy, ‘Finally Me’ is antipodal: brimming with hope, joy and optimism, representing a new direction for the pop prince’s musical journey.


Offering us a glimpse into his forthcoming album, Loverboy Lucian, ‘Finally Me’ commands a soundscape radiating with the upmost groove and swagger, with Roy’s brazen vocals effortlessly guiding the tempo atop the anthemic backdrop. Stating that the track is “everything to me. I’m finally free. I’m Finally Me,” Roy’s carefully penned lyrics encapsulate the joyous yet emotional feet of self-realisation, interplaying seamlessly with a contemporary sound that oozes with quirkiness.

Listen to 'Finally Me' now: