Dropping their debut EP "Should We Go Dance" today, Melbourne trio Blusher look back on their musical firsts.

Making the music missing from your night-out playlist, Blusher are the sparkly new pop outfit to arrive on the Melbourne scene. Their nostalgic hard-hitting approach is influenced by the finest deep cuts of the 2010s, from the likes of Kesha, Robyn and LCD Soundsystem, whose songs provided the ultimate soundtrack for restless nights and drunken memories. 


The Aussie band of three, formed of Miranda Ward, Lauren Coutts, and Jade Ingvarson Favretto, today released their highly-anticipated debut EP, ‘Should We Go Dance?’. “Packed with grit, glitter, confidence, and chaos”, as the trio begin, “Should We Go Dance? encapsulates the wonderful range of emotions that we put on full display within female friendships.” Each of the album’s tracks correlates to an all-too-familiar part of a night out, from getting ready, to booze-fuelled crush confessions, and yelling over dancefloor classics.


In celebration of their empowering new album, as well as their ever-growing hold on the Australian pop-sphere, we caught up with Blusher to discuss all from ABBA tribute bands to $1 Spotify checks.

First song you ever made?

Jade: ‘The Amigos’ which was a rap song I wrote and got all my friends to feature on for my 10th birthday. We recorded it in my dad’s studio. 

First CD or record you owned?

Miranda: Britney Spears ‘In The Zone’, which I listened to until it was so scratched it didn’t work.


Jade: Madonna ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’. I used to take my CD player to the driveway and perform the songs for innocent passersby .

First time you realised you wanted to do music full time? 

Lauren: I was listening to “Kids” by MGMT and had a grand epiphany that nothing in the world could be better. 


Jade: Watching my parents perform on stage (as Benny and Frida) in their ABBA tribute band. I so badly wanted to be up there, and to write songs that you could yell with a crowd. I wanted to be able to give people that joy and euphoria.

First gig and first festival you went to?

Jade: My first real concert was Gwen Stefani – The Sweet Escape Tour.


Miranda: I think mine was P!nk. Watching her do insane acrobatics is a very core memory from my childhood.

First time you faced an obstacle in your career?

Lauren: Playing on a Monday night in Fortitude Valley (Brisbane, Australia) to just my brother and the bartender.  

First instrument you owned?

Jade: A flute, which I regrettably dropped later in life! Guitar was the first instrument that really stuck.


Miranda: The first instrument my Dad bought me was a ukulele when I was like, four years old, but the strings were too big for my fingers to press down, so he bought me a violin which started my classical musical journey for the next 12 years.

First time you felt like giving up?

Miranda: Probably the time with the ukulele strings! So glad I persevered or my career would have been over before age five. I feel like that experience prepared me for the cut-throat music industry pretty well.

First time you felt starstruck?

Lauren: When I met Miranda and Jade. To be honest, I feel starstruck pretty often around them still. 

First time you realised you’d made it?

Lauren: Maybe when I called up my day job and they said, “you don’t work here anymore” (we’d been away on tour for too long). 


Jade: Getting my first paycheck from Spotify that was over $1.

First time you ticked off a bucket list goal?

Jade: Supporting Aurora on tour! 


Miranda: Doing a writing trip to LA and working with some of our idols.

Stream 'Should We Go Dance' now:


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