A rising star setting the pace in the music industry, pop artist Darshae releases 'Gone', a new project that stakes his claim in the scene.

The environments we grow up in mould us into the people we become in the future. Some of these environments inspire us to become a better version of ourselves, and others fundamentally change us.


Robert Darshae Kiér Boyd is an up-and-coming artist in Miami, Florida. Growing up, he wasn’t fortunate enough to have a family, as his mother died when he was very young. This resulted in him being brought up in foster care, predisposing him to alcohol, narcotics, racism, bullying, and neglect. However, Darshae did not let the environment he grew up in define him. Instead, he’s built a growing brand and become a trending artist.


Darshae is a rising artist on SoundCloud and other platforms. His music is licensed in hundreds of places globally, thanks to some of his hits, like “Translation,” “Halasana Girl,” and “Moonlight.” Darshae is now busy completing another EP where he has dared to be different. Through his music, he’s garnered a loyal fan base and continues to excite his fans with his music. As a multifaceted artist, Darshae is also a budding screenplay writer, author, and public speaker.

Darshae’s music has been making waves in the music industry. His music has amassed a huge audience, reaching thousands of fans across various streaming platforms and has been shopped over 300 times for placements in films and television.


But the artist has also faced numerous challenges, especially while growing up, one of which was being bullied. Recognising he was more than the negative words said to him was not easy. Growing up in foster care also came with its challenges, like stereotyping and racism. However, Darshae did not allow his environment to determine his destination.


Rising from the bottom to bring your dreams to life is never easy, but there is always a way for resilient individuals who are determined to beat all odds and turn their stories into a success. Darshae constantly reminds people not to let cognitive labels degrade their ability to define and build; instead, he tells them that they should pay attention to their gut feeling and curate their visions to achieve their goals. More importantly, he encourages people to be more disciplined, decisive, and deliberate but never defeated.


As he continues to make moves in the music industry, he says that his current goal is to be signed as a major label music artist, author, podcaster, public speaker, and status quo changer. Darshae’s ultimate goal is to be featured in Nike’s running commercials and to be a Ted Talk speaker.

Stream 'Gone' below: