93FEETOFSMOKE shares his latest explosive offering, full-length album ‘GOODGRIEF’.

Virginia-born and Oregon-based 93FEETOFSMOKE is a singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist who over the last few years has paved his own way across genres. Already garnering over 100 million streams worldwide, new album drop ‘GOODGRIEF’ looks set to continue a path to greatness.


93FEETOFSMOKE’s musical development began in college, the artist getting involved in the underground club scene in North Carolina. Absorbing drum and bass, and subsequently teaching himself Ableton, he initially produced for friends before adding his own vocals. Reflecting on his early performances and growing an audience, 93FEETOFSMOKE recalls “I was just yelling my head off over loud 808s and weird beats […] Because people showed up, it gave me the confidence to keep going.”


Years later, his latest release shows the extent of their musical evolution. Always unexpected, and always fresh, the description of his album is a personal one: “My grandma used to always say, ‘Oh Jiminy Cricket’, good grief’,” he reveals. “On one hand, it’s an ode to her. It’s nostalgic, because it reminds me of my childhood, but it also speaks to the project. Thematically, it deals with grief, but it’s also positive. The grief is good, because you’re getting over pain. Art is something very spiritual. You sing these words, and a crowd chants them back to you. It’s a ritual.  I’m trying to manifest positivity in this ritual.”

Stream 'GOODGRIEF' below: