Alisa Stepura blends vintage sounds with modern flair in latest track 'Heaven's Jealous'.

Alisa Stepura is emerging as a formidable talent in the alternative rock genre, captivating fans with her innovative blend of old-school charm and modern flair. Her much-anticipated single ‘Heaven’s Jealous,’ showcases her signature style – a mix of powerful, edgy, and emotive elements.


Alisa’s sound is heavily influenced by her personal music preferences, particularly the classic hits before the 2000s. Artists like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones inspire her to create music that stands the test of time, blending eras in each track of her EP.


The creation of Strike Me a Smile! was a year-long journey, enriched by the collaborative environment at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. The process involved numerous revisions and valuable inputs from peers and mentors, refining the song to its best form.


The EP, though concise with three songs, maintains a consistent theme of vitality. It begins with a robust track, transitions into a more intense and emotionally charged song, and concludes with a lively, disco-influenced tune, ensuring a diverse yet cohesive listening experience.


Each song on the EP serves as an exploration of different emotions. ‘Ratched and Divine’ is a raw expression of Alisa’s feelings towards serious issues like drunk driving, while ‘Get Up’ stands as a beacon of motivation and joy.


Alisa’s journey to establish her home studio signifies her commitment to her craft and her evolution from a genre-hopping artist to a focused alternative rock musician. This transformation is evident in her increasingly distinctive musical style.


Her music is a rich tapestry woven from varied influences, with a lean towards the distinctive drum and guitar sounds of classic rock legends. Alisa’s preference for analog equipment adds a unique texture to her sound, integral to her musical identity.


Alisa’s songs are a mix of personal catharsis and creative narratives. While some tracks are direct reflections of her experiences, others, like ‘Strike Me a Smile,’ depict stories and characters beyond her personal life.


In an exciting revelation, Alisa has teased a forthcoming album titled All the Swords Swung for Love. This alternative album breaks new ground with its blend of collaborative efforts across various genres. It delves into the darker aspects of love, examining how passion can morph into obsession, offering a skewed perspective of the world. The album’s tracklist is uniquely arranged by their thematic ‘gloominess,’ starting with songs about Alisa’s joyous relationship with music and gradually moving to tracks that reflect on others’ distorted perceptions of love.


For emerging artists, Alisa suggests taking inspiration and personalizing it to find one’s unique sound. Her journey illustrates the joy in transforming existing ideas into something distinctly one’s own.


Fans can eagerly anticipate Alisa’s new album in summer 2024, promising groundbreaking vocal explorations and a choir featuring 52 tracks of harmonies. Alisa Stepura is certainly an artist to keep an eye on as she continues to redefine and push the boundaries of her musical expression.


Listen to Alisa Stepura on Spotify here.