New York-based singer-songwriter and producer, Habe, returns with his first anticipated single of 2020, entitled “I’ll Still Call”.

Max Haberman, aka Habe, first emerged in 2017 with the singles “Rollerblade” and “Self Discovery”. Since then, Habe has been able to hone his craft and artistry; delivering a series of impressive and captivating releases including his debut EP “What Did You Say?” at the end of 2019. The singer-songwriter has also managed to immerse himself securely within the indie music scene, working and collaborating with like-minded musicians such as Chris Mazuera, Sean Angus Watson and Dude Shore.


“I’ll Still Call” perfectly showcases the dreamy, kaleidoscopic lo-fi style Habe has become synonymous with. With a melodic guitar instrumental running throughout, the soft blend of indie rhythms and subtle electro-synths provide the perfect backdrop for Habe’s distant and resounding vocals that melt into the fabric of the melody.


Touching on a universal and relatable topic, Habe explains the meaning behind the song, “I’ll Still Call is about dealing with feelings of uncertainty, and learning to love yourself, especially when you’re growing to love others”.


“I’ll Still Call” is the first release leading up to Habe’s second EP, “Rearview” which is scheduled for release early next year.

Listen to Habe's single "I'll Still Call" below: