Fresh off the release of their new album Hearth Room, NYC's coolest music siblings Angel and Lulu Prost - AKA Frost Children - made us a mix to scratch our brains.

What DJs, artists, club nights, or genres are inspiring you right now?

We love Bamster from PhatBoy records in the UK, Japanese emo bands, Shibuya-kei, electro-pop, STAYC, CAPSULE, Hakushi Hasegawa, Shuta Hasunuma, random jazz stuff, JIGDRESS, Nickelback, anthemic pop rock, 2012 Urban Outfitters-core.

Can you talk us through some of your inspirations for this mix?

For this mix, we went to Tower Records in Shibuya and went to the top floor and descended down 8 stories of sampling random music. Rather than make this mix of stuff we listen to heavily, we thought it’d be cool to hear stuff that instantly scratches our brains upon first listen. A couple things on here we were familiar with before but most of it we literally just discovered it. Many of these songs we had to track down on the label’s bandcamps or random press articles because they’re not on streaming which is cool.

Where do you imagine people listening to it?

I imagine this mix for a super cool kid with bangs and skinny jeans walking through a quiet subway station. They have a lot of swag and say “Period” a lot while doing that thing where you nervously tuck your hair behind your ears when you make a joke that you’re afraid won’t land.

What’s one song you’ll always come back to in your mixes?

We tend to listen to the opposite vibe of whatever we’re making at the time, and lately we’ve been making some pretty high-intensity stuff, so it’s been chiller vibes. Prince – ‘Baby You’re A Trip’ or Hiroshi Yoshimura – ‘Blink’.

One song you never want to hear live again?

Famously, we’re both poptimists, but I think we could go our whole lives without ever hearing OneRepublic – ‘Counting Stars’ again. ‘Apologize’ is awesome though. I think we could also cancel Tones and I – ‘Dance Monkey’.

What should we look out for from you next?

Bangers, fast and slow, big and small.