Filled with transcendent melodies and giddy grooves, Zaida Zane delivers an all-encompassing mix for listeners to get lost in.

Zaida Zane shares a mix following her recent EP ‘Boy Eyes’, out now on Night Slugs. 2023 has been a huge year for the label, as it celebrates 15 years of constant innovation in the game. As well as a world tour, next up on Night Slugs is a stellar remix compilation featuring various artists,  dropping on 31st May.

How did you choose the tracks to put this mix together?

My sets have always been described as ‘unique’, so for this one, I wanted to continue that vibe while showcasing my ever-growing knowledge of classic dance music. It’s a marriage of old and new, original and cosmopolitan, which is very me. The energy my club sets often give is on full display here: consistent grooves, moments of respite, transcendent melodies and an emphasis on percussion.

Was there any external influence or inspirations?

Dave Angel’s ‘X-Mix’ is a clear and obvious inspiration. That mix is a permanent reference for me as a DJ. I’ve always incorporated dancehall and reggae culture, with playful fx and drops, into my sets. I wanted to return to my roots and bring the same energy I always bring to my high-profile mixes. The drops are a part of that and I hope the heads feel me on this one.

Where do you imagine people listening to the mix?

This is a mix that you can get lost in. You can get ready for the club to it, clean while listening to it, you can even play it at an afters; it’s really up to the listener! I imagine people enjoying it and revisiting it often.

Stream Zaida Zane's mix below: