Autumn Jones showers listeners with dreamy vocals and slick drum sequences in latest blues-tinged track, “In the Rain”

Indulge in the elevating and atmospheric sounds of Autumn Jones with her new three-piece EP, ‘4.4.4’. Sat alongside tunes “Dead.End.” and “Work”, “In The Rain” leads the project, a neo-soul-style song with full and effusive vocals reminiscent of blues veteran, Corinne Bailey Ray. Groovy to the ear and healing to the heart, the song unpicks Autumn’s innermost emotions at this early stage in her career. 


Opening up on “In The Rain”, the emerging artist explains, “This track is about the constant ebb and flow of my life. The constant cycle of self-assurance turned to self-doubt and back again is utterly EXHAUSTING and makes me feel many emotions!” She continues, “I’m on this journey of manifesting my dreams, working closely with my angels and becoming the best version of myself is not easy. I feel so deeply about everything I’m working towards; excitement, fear, anxiety but ultimately I try to focus on the bright side of things. The music is my sunshine, so I’m singing in the rain.”


A fresh face in the R&B and soul scene, the New Jersey-based singer-songwriter’s return with ‘4.4.4’ follows single, “Bittersweet” which won two Tracks Music Awards. She’s had success performing across the States and Spain, having opened for artists including soulstress Vivian Green and R&B legend Jon B. It is with renewed energy and angels atop her shoulder that Autumn introduces her most recent project, ‘4.4.4’. With her honed maturity and heavenly topnotes, Autumn Jones is one to have on your radar. 


Stream "In The Rain" below: