New Jersey’s very own rap prospect, Baby Phace, bursts back with his prolific flows and cadences in new single “Invictus”.

Following the success of previous releases “Sober soul” and “Zone”, Baby Phace marks his return to the scene with his latest track. Produced by Falak (Trippie Red), and accompanied music video directed by The John You, “Invictus” means “unconquerable” in Latin and with this release Baby Phace strives to encompass this concept.


“The track is about taking your lows and molding them into your strengths. It’s also about a lot of my life experience from the past year from losing friends, leaving New Jersey and really finding myself and what life truly means to me.” Baby Phace explains.


Baby Phace has taken it upon himself to overcome the disruption to his livelihood during the pandemic by pushing forward, crafting an abundance of new art that has helped himself brave this so-called new normal.

Watch the "Invictus" music video below: