DJ and producer Kat Nova is set to unveil her much-awaited collaborative project with innovative artist Daur3x.

Renowned DJ and producer Kat Nova is setting the stage for another seismic shift in the music industry. Teaming up with Daur3x, Nova is poised to unveil their highly-anticipated collaboration, “Too Loud,” set to drop on Mixmash on August 4th. The announcement of the new release has already sparked enthusiasm among music enthusiasts and Nova’s fanbase, all keenly anticipating another glimpse of her genre-fusing creativity.


Kat Nova, acclaimed for her distinctive fusion of house music and various other genres, has consistently crafted live experiences that connect with audiences around the globe. This upcoming collaboration with Daur3x, an equally innovative artist, is expected to be a testament to both artists’ creativity and musical prowess.


Having previously made a name for herself through residencies at prestigious venues like Drai’s and Encore Beach Club/XS at Wynn Nightlife in Las Vegas, Nova’s reputation as a trailblazer precedes her. The anticipation for “Too Loud” is heightened by Nova’s past successes, including her official remix of Saweetie’s “My Type”, released by Warner Brothers, and her original pieces such as “Ocean Love” and “Pray For This” featuring Ziah, “Better” , “Runway” and “YOU”.


The forthcoming collaboration serves as a thrilling prospect for the music industry, which has come to appreciate Kat Nova’s captivating vibes. Combining Kat Nova’s unique sound with Daur3x’s fresh perspective, “Too Loud” promises to be a vibrant, eclectic piece that’s certain to leave a lasting impression on listeners.


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Listen to Kat Nova below: