Foreign Glizzy: the West Coast rapper that is blowing up.

Rising from the birthplace of rap legends Dr. Dre and E-40, Gary Williams Jr, better known as Foreign Glizzy, is making a name for himself as a California-based rapper. With his independent label, Foreign Family Records, he’s released many highly-regarded projects in his signature style and infectious beats. Beyond creating some seriously dope music for his fans, Glizzy is also an entrepreneur, owning several Foreign Family Clothing stores and using his platform to give back to the community through backpack giveaways and food drives.


One of Glizzy’s most popular songs is “Road Running”, which features a bass-heavy beat and some smooth rhymes. In the music video, he’s seen cruising around in a flashy Maserati and showing off some serious stacks of cash. The track was produced by David Wesson and directed by BTCvisuals, and it’s clear that these guys know how to create some killer visuals.


Another standout track from Foreign Glizzy’s ‘Foreign Exchange’ project is “R.I.P. Kobe”. In this song, Glizzy touches on the importance of authenticity in the rap game, criticising artists who may be presenting a false image of their lives. This emphasis on honesty and genuineness is a key part of Glizzy’s music, as he strives to present a genuine portrayal of himself and his experiences. With its catchy beats and thought-provoking lyrics, “R.I.P. Kobe” has garnered over 100K views since its release, solidifying its place as a fan favourite.


Away from the glitz of the hip-hop space, Glizzy is the consummate entrepreneur and philanthropist. His Foreign Family Clothing brand has multiple stores in the Bay Area, and the merchandise they stock has been worn by some of the most influential names in the music community. From giveaways to food drives, the Foreign Family brand has been expanding and impacting lives in multiple ways. This is a testament to Glizzy’s character and work ethic.


Before he found success in the music world, Glizzy was actually a talented athlete. He played Division 1 ball before going pro, and it’s clear he’s brought that same dedication and drive to his music career. He’s a true hustler, which shows in every track he releases. Like a seasoned pro, his music game has evolved and improved, attracting an even broader fanbase. Nothing explains that better than his latest track, “Hate It Or Love It”.


In this track, Foreign Glizzy speaks candidly about his struggles and obstacles on his journey to success. Comparing himself to the underdog, he raps about overcoming negativity and rising to the top despite being underestimated. The song features a catchy hook where Glizzy sings and raps about his unwavering determination and drive to succeed. With its motivational lyrics and upbeat beats, “Hate It Or Love It” is a surefire anthem for anyone looking to get pumped up and conquer their own challenges. Glizzy has partnered with Swaggertown Records with marketing and distribution. CEO of Swaggertown Jake Strain believes that this will be a great partnership and sees a lot of potential with him.


If you’re a hip-hop star, business owner, or are still figuring out what you want to do with your life, Foreign Glizzy’s story should encourage you to hold onto your dreams. Whether he’s spitting rhymes, hustling in the mall, or giving back to the community, this artist never wavered in his pursuits. And just as he has continually made it, there’s no reason why you can’t too.

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