Prolific artist and trailblazer PROGedia adapts his new music moniker further with his debut album ‘Diõscuri’.

Returning after 2022 releases “Nobody Screams” and “Down”, Fed Conti, otherwise known by his solo music moniker, PROGedia, is showcasing his depth on his brand-new debut album ‘Diõscuri’. An accumulation of six genre-defying cuts, throughout this project, the multi-instrumentalist and producer styles out his authentic creative vision.


Whilst just two years into his solo music journey, the artist is no stranger to the industry. Having previously made music under his aliases Majong and Nardis, both projects saw Fed share tracks on platforms Universal UK and Ministry of Sound. Throughout ‘Diõscuri’, Fed takes listeners on his new musical journey and weaves in nu jazz elements with subtle drum and bass tendencies.


Exploring the creative process of ‘Diõscuri’, PROGedia says: “It’s just pure musical anarchy, reordered after sampling from my eclectic music taste, made of years of experiences in very different genres. When something magical comes out, I create a beat which gives the direction, play a free psychedelic jam with nasty vibes, re-sample, add new arrangements and design the production shades. There is still so much to invent on odd beats in modern music”.

Stream ‘Diõscuri’ in full below: