Rising singer-songwriter Anika K drops tongue-in-cheek new release “FOR PLAY”.

Anika K is a rising star and singer-songwriter with a knack for making timeless classics. After dropping her melodic single “Pressure” last spring, the artist is back with a brand-new track titled “FOR PLAY” and it’s a witty, tongue-in-cheek release about toxic relationships.


Inspired by the work of H.E.R’s debut project and The Internet’s “Ego Death”, throughout the years Anika has worked closely with producer AJisTALL to craft her own authentic vision. Writing hit singles with captivating and relatable lyrics, Anika continues to be a voice for her fans to relate to. Her brand-new single “FOR PLAY” is the artist’s latest single and is packed with luscious melodies and delicate vocals.


Speaking about “FOR PLAY” Anika says: “This track describes a toxic situationship between two people, something fun and casual but mainly for the person in control. Purposefully telling someone what they want to hear, knowing you’re only playing a role”.

Stream “FOR PLAY” below: