“Paranoia” featuring Vory gets viral on social platforms, this is what Que Tha Poet has to say.

A new generation of artists is starting to take centre stage and are reinventing the way people make music. These young talents are using social media platforms to get their music out into the world and are showing big results. This can be seen in young artist Que Tha Poet who has recently been causing a buzz in the music industry for his viral hit “Odyssey”. On the way to releasing the music video of his track, he is a talented young artist who used popular social media platforms to get his music out to a larger audience. He released his first-ever five-track EP in 2020 titled ‘Clear Vision’ which did pretty well. Within a short span of time, the EP gained massive views. 


In his collaboration with Vory, a record-breaking artist who has also collaborated with Ye for his album Donda, Que felt a bit challenged, he added: “I felt I went a little more into his world on this one which I liked because it challenged me a bit more to switch it up”.


He has also garnered much fame and recognition with his song with DeVon True. With well over half a million hits on the clip, the collaboration with DeVon True and Que Tha Poet in “Odyssey” quickly become a hit on Yool’s profile and is in good company there as the Korean dancer was recently co-signed by Dreamville rapper Bas. 


Now, this type of quick fame does not come to just anyone. Que may be young, but he knows how to make quality music and how to assemble a personal avenger’s team of management and marketing to compliment the talent that he possesses. He’s currently being represented by blosical.com, a middle-east based music company. Que believes that being true to yourself has unimaginable upsides. He quoted: “I feel like every artist should know that everyone is not gonna like what you put out or what you stand for but that’s okay because as long as you’re authentic and being true to your character everything else will follow suit”.


He is actively working on new music and has surpassed 350k monthly listeners on Spotify in 2022. Que is definitely one of Hip Hop’s most influential figures as he navigates life, music, and entrepreneurship while chasing the next milestone in his career. 

Stream “Paranoia” below: