J. Laser returns with a new intoxicating dance EP ‘Starkiller’, out now via Enroute Records.

After a two-year hiatus, multifaceted producer J. Laser is back on the electronic scene with a three-track EP ‘Starkiller’. Merging vibrant synths with mutated guitars and resounding drums, J. Laser, aka Jordan Lawlor, knows just the recipe for a perfect multi-dimensional dance track. With the added texture of his own trademark vocals, the artist performed, played, and mixed every sound for this new project.


This long-awaited return comes five years after the beginning of his solo career. J. Laser split ways with renowned French electronic music group M83 in 2018, in a bid to pursue his own projects. Although he’s best known for his work with M83, having collaborated as a producer on their 2016 studio album ‘Junk’, he has also worked with plenty of notable acts including Asher Moss, Friend of a Friend and Tove Lo. And now, after a broad and varied array of solo releases, his new offering ‘Starkiller’ EP takes it back to what J. Laser does best – meticulously-crafted beats to get fans and newcomers alike up and dancing.


Speaking on his latest release, J. Laser says: “The ‘Starkiller’ EP is a tribute to the classic producer and artists of previous eras such as Brian Eno and Todd Rundgren, known for making their most far-out recordings when left to their own devices in between producing for other artists”.

Stream ‘Starkiller’ in full below: