Singer-songwriter, Hollie Gautiér, shares her latest empowered single “Little Men”.

Impressively candid with her song writing, Hollie Gautiér effortlessly conveys her lyrics with a raw sense of self-awareness and a rich tone that is often compared to the likes of Jorja Smith and Amy Winehouse. BBC Introducing has also been an avid supporter of Hollie, naming her last two releases their ‘Track of the Day’.


Now, returning back onto the scene in 2021, the singer-songwriter offers up her new song, “Little Men” that is all about female empowerment. The track combines an empowered attitude, bold lyricism and stunning vocals, with an immaculately bright, catchy sound.


Written based on true events, Hollie explains, “I wrote this song in complete frustration straight after getting home from a music industry networking event. I showed an A&R man my songs and he gaslit me into thinking I didn’t know who I am as an artist, or what I wanted to say in my lyrics and that I needed him or “another male mentor” to guide me so I’d have a chance of being successful in this industry. He also didn’t believe me when I told him I waitressed full time to pay for promo, music videos etc myself and said that my parents must have helped me because I wouldn’t have been able to balance everything on my own.”


Talking more on the new single, Hollie says, “Little Men is an alternative pop track that empowers females and exposes this sexist ‘little men’ mentality that is often used to make women feel inadequate in comparison. After talking to other women in the creative industry who have experienced similar conversations, I knew it was so important for this song to be released.”


Ready to share her experiences and hit the stage, Hollie Gautiér looks to continue to use her passion and drive to create more heartfelt music in 2021.

Listen to "Little Men" below: