Filipino film student and artist Luis Villanueva drops celestial visuals for new track, “WISH U WERE HERE”, featuring Jess Connelly and Jason Dhakal.

Studying at Columbia University, Luis Villanueva is a Filipino film student in his final year of studies. Featuring Jess Connelly and Jason Dhakal, his latest project “WISH U WERE HERE,” sees Luis put his film degree to use, as he takes full creative direction of the production and music video. Serving as the lead single of Luis’ up-and-coming EP, the rising artist looks set to have exciting things in his future.


Featuring shots across multiple locations, the visuals for Luis’ lead single toy with psychedelic visuals, complimented by the soulful vocals and harmonies of Jess and Jason. Not one to shy away from an evident never-ending stream of creativity, “WISH U WERE HERE” also sees Luis compose and mix the entire track himself.  


Talking about the music video, Luis tells: “The goal of this project is to expose the world to Filipino artistry – we wanted to show this symbolically by shooting in 5 different countries. By including scenes shot in Manila and New York, we’re juxtaposing Filipino art with an already established cultural hub in Tribeca”.

Watch the official video for "WISH U WERE HERE" below: