Korean singer-songwriter Vincent Blue releases the original soundtrack he produced for hit K-drama 'Marry My Husband'.

Since its conclusion on February 20th 2024, the K-drama Marry My Husband has continued to enjoy enduring popularity. Regarded as the first hit of 2024, Marry My Husband is a TV series aired on tvN, starring Park Min-young, Na In-woo, Lee Yi-kyung, and Song Ha-yoon, based on a novel and webtoon. The drama’s popularity extended beyond South Korea to countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Italy, where it ranked in the top 10. It also achieved notable records on platforms like Amazon Prime and TVING, leaving a mark of success in several countries and contributing to the visible success of K-dramas in the Western market.


The story of the drama begins in 2023, with a woman diagnosed with cancer witnessing her husband and best friend having an affair, leading to her murder. However, instead of facing the same fate, she miraculously travels back to 2013, ten years earlier, to start her second life. Determined to live her life to the fullest without suffering the same fate, she helps the marriage between her best friend and her husband, striving to ensure that she lives the best life without any regrets.


Thanks to the popularity of the drama, numerous media outlets gave a shout out. Gazeta Wyborcza described the series as an example of a “guilty pleasure”, commenting that “it gives satisfaction and improves your mood” as long as you can “turn a blind eye bombastic banality, exaggerated dialogues and a lot of slow motion,” NME acclaimed it as a “deliciously melodramatic, immensely addictive” series that “satisfies by giving the audience exactly what they want.” Also, Screen Rant praised, “Marry My Husband is already set to be among the best K-dramas of 2024 with just a few episodes released so far.”


As the highly anticipated drama, numerous talented singers participated in its OST. Starting with performances from well-known Korean ballad singer Lyn; who has sung many successful OSTs, to Vincent Blue; who gained attention from his debut in the hit drama’s OST She Was Pretty, and soulful Korean singer Car, the garden. These artists set the atmosphere and development of the drama’s mood and were enriched by the participation of skilled vocalists. Additionally, on January 9th, Vincent Blue released his OST From Today, and just two months later, on March 26th, he challenged himself further by covering Pink Sweat$’s debut song ‘Honesty’, which has been rising in popularity since its debut. This move showcases Vincent Blue’s different aspects as he ventures beyond K-drama OSTs and singer-songwriting into the realm of pop covers.

‘Honesty (Pink Sweat$ Cover)’ is a beloved song by domestic and international listeners, portraying the everyday conversation of lovers wanting to confirm their love for each other. With Vincent Blue’s delicate vocals added to the warm guitar sound of the original, the song is reborn with an even more lovely mood. The cover artwork pays homage to the original, showing Vincent Blue’s special affection for the song.


Embodying the charming sensation of first love, ‘Honesty (Pink Sweat$ Cover)’ captivates listeners with Vincent Blue’s unique charm, akin to the spring breeze, as it takes its first step to global fans on March 26 at 6:00 PM (KST) on various music websites.

Listen to 'Marry My Huband' Soundtrack now: