Nauti Siren combine an oracle of wisdom with explosive creativity for their debut single, 'Mermaid of the Year'.

A combination of musical experience and expertise has propelled Nauti Siren into the choppy waves of the music industry. The duo, consisting of DJ Dmitry (founding member of iconic ’90s band Deee-lite) and Jessie Evans, are making a splash with their unique blends of psychedelia and disco. DJ DMITRY has produced and remixed some of the most legendary names in music, including Chaka Khan and Sinéad O’Connor. Jessie Evans, meanwhile, is a powerhouse woman of seminal status in the San Francisco ’00s post-punk scene, working with everyone from Toby Dammit of Iggy and the Stooges to Siouxsie and the Banshees.


The project’s debut single, ‘Mermaid of the Year,’ creates a ’70s base layer with an electronic contemporary twist. The idea for the track was sparked by recounting a tale of jeopardy, where Jessie was perilously carried into the ocean by a riptide during a late-night dip. This experience is translated by the track’s fluctuating beat, glittering synths, and swarming rhythm. The pair fuse their individuality to bring to life an unparalleled track that weaves together disco, new jazz, and electronic dub with a hypnotic rhythm. Their seemingly esoteric sound is brought to life by the tantalizingly chaotic journey it takes through sound and genre, with all components pointing to the dance floor.


The track is accompanied by an equally psychedelic video, capturing an uncanny DIY amalgamation of colour and kitsch shots laced with nautical motifs. It’s a spectacle in its own right! As this exciting project sets sail, we are eager to see where the wind takes the duo in their next endeavours. They are also set to debut their live performance later this month at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade; could it be more fitting?

Watch and listen to 'Mermaid of the Year' now: