From COVID jams to voice memo drafts, Montréal-based punk-rock band Yester Daze have released their sophomore EP, Nothing, Perfectly.

Known for their impressive gigs held at local pubs, clubs or personal homes, Yester Daze give their lives to producing good music filled with passion and uniquely sincere lyrics. Their new project, Nothing, Perfectly, incorporates individualistic traits into each track, creating an all-encompassing journey for listeners to enjoy.


The members usually go away and write songs apart from one another, then reunite to compile their concepts before blending them to create their signature sound. For this EP, frontman Brandon McShad wrote the tracks ‘The Ones Who Bleed’ and ‘Going Nowhere’ from the comfort of his bedroom. Afterwards, the band developed the instrumentation for ‘Going Nowhere’ in just an hour, proving that no matter where the creatives find themselves, their passion for music pulls through, working as a team together or apart.


Tugging at heartstrings, Yester Daze open the project with ‘Another Mistake,’ a track written about a relationship drifting apart over time. Another track sure to evoke emotion is ‘Hanging by a Thread’, which ends with an intense guitar solo and sobbing vocals from members, Zach Lemay and Brandon McShad.


Their second EP hones in on firsthand events and growth, not only in the band’s day-to-day lives but also by reaching closer to their trademark sound. Touching on personal sentiments, Yester Daze comments, “Nothing, Perfectly, means a lot to me personally. A lot of the lyrics touch upon my mental health struggles with some blatantly referencing my suicide attempt and darkest days, as well as failed relationships and feelings of not being good enough. This EP sounds like what I grew up listening to and what I always wanted to make. We’re getting closer to our sound with every song and I love that.”

Listen to Nothing, Perfectly now: