In Notion Now: Week 10, we have new music from girl in red, AJ Tracey, RAY BLK and Giggs, Darkoo, Laura Mvula, Tate McRae, Charlotte Lawrence and more. Plus, Charli XCX, The 1975 and No Rome have collaborated.

"Serotonin" by girl in red

Norwegian artist girl in red is breaking out of the confines of her 'bedroom-pop' sound on new single, "Serotonin", co-produced by FINNEAS. It's a guitar-driven track that gives us an unflinchingly honest look into girl in red's (aka Marie Ulven) mind, and the mental health battles she deals with on a daily basis.

"Spinning (with Charli XCX & The 1975)" by No Rome

You can feel each artist's imprint throughout on this track - from Charli XCX's trademark distorted, glitchy vocals, to No Rome's smooth singing and classic The 1975 production. It's an upbeat, feelgood track for blasting out on sunny days - or warming up grey ones.

"Safe Passage" by Laura Mvula

Making a powerful return, Laura Mvula shares the enrapturing new single "Safe Passage", which, in her words, is "a poem about the vehicle that takes us all from the space where we feel like we're drowning, and we're trapped to the promised land, which actually exists".

"Million$Bill" by Future Utopia, Kojey Radical and Easy Life

The sublime collaboration we never knew we needed. Produced by the legend, Fraser T Smith, the song questions 'how much is enough?' and ponders some of life's biggest desires, against a cinematic melody.

"Anxious" by AJ Tracey

After a bit of time away, AJ Tracey shares his first solo single in over a year - the hard-hitting yet atmospheric “Anxious”. On it, AJ opens up about the feelings he experiences around his current status.

"No Games" by RAY BLK and Giggs

Two powerhouses of the UK music scene come together on this addictive track that gives us a taste of RAY's upcoming debut album, due for release in the summer.

"A Song About Fishing" by Genesis Owusu

Breakthrough Australian artist Genesis Owusu smashes genre boundaries with his debut album 'Smiling With No Teeth'. Laden with clear-eyed subtext, it's an impressive beginning for Genesis. Definitely one to watch.

"Pick Up" by Darkoo

Darkoo shares a more vulnerable side on "Pick Up", a slower jam about a relationship not working. "This relationship had come to an end but I was still seeing them out and about with their new love and realised that people are not always who you think they are. I was out of my comfort zone creating a track based on my personal emotions but ‘Pick Up’ will always remind me to be true to myself", she said.

"Just for the Times" by Everyone You Know and Joy Anonymous

Genre-bending ravers, Everyone You Know, team up with Joy Anonymous on this made-for-the-sunrise-set track. On it, they look back at the good times when we could all party, hug our friends, whilst also looking forward with hope that it won't be long before we can do that again.

"Body & Soul (feat. Biig Piig)" by Emotional Oranges

Biig Piig's soft, whispering vocals blend perfectly with Emotional Oranges' lo-fi, ambient melodies and smooth singing. It's an irresistibly romantic track that captures the early lust in a relationship.

"Stay High again..." by Brittany Howard, Fred again... and Joy Anonymous

This is going to absolutely slap on the dancefloor as soon as the clubs open. Just picture it - the sun is warm on your skin, it's sunset at an open-air set and this comes on... euphoric.

"slower" by Tate McRae

Tate's immediately identifiable vocals shine on this earnest new single about wanting to progress in a relationship, but feeling that the sentiment is not reciprocated. Originally written when Tate was 14, at first she was hesitant to give the song a new lease of life, but once re-worked, it was a no-brainer to release it. "slower" is a cut from Tate's upcoming EP, 'Too Young To Be Sad'.

"You" by Charlotte Lawrence

Charlotte Lawrence is at her best with this achingly angelic new single about loving someone is wrong for you. "I know it could be anybody/ It should be anybody else/ But it's you", Charlotte sings. Relationship ups and downs are a running theme on her self-titled EP, a stunning collection of dark-pop numbers. "This EP is a window into my mind, heart, soul, and all my experiences", she said.

"Friends" by Karl Benjamin

Emerging artist Karl Benjamin laments not seeing his friends enough and opens up about his battle with mental health on this candid new track.

"loaded gun" by girlhouse

Fast-rising bedroom-pop artist, girlhouse, shares the final single before her 'the girlhouse ep' drops. The new song "is about inherited trauma and the bummer of becoming everything you said you never would... this song is a moment when I recognized inherited bad behavior and wanting to take control of my future".

"Talk" by Georgia Twinn

TikToker-turned-musician, Georgia Twinn, continues her ascent to pop glory with the new EP and single of the same name, "Talk". With most songs written when she was 15 and in school, she said: "From parties, to relationships to heartbreak, the EP is full of emotion and memories from my teenage years which makes it super nostalgic to listen to. I feel like when I listen to the songs I’m taken back to the moment I wrote them and I feel all the feelings again".

"Silly Games" by Benny Atlas

Newcomer Benny Atlas shares the addictive new pop number, "Silly Games", inflected with funky guitar riffs and soulful vocals. One to keep your eye on.

"Talk About It" by Jake Isaac ft. Yuna

Jake Isaac's vocals are goosebump-inducing on this track. So intimate, it almost feels like he's right there beside you, singing into your ear. Taken from his new 'Honesty' album, Yuna joins Jake on this track.

"My House" by Jodie Harsh

The producer, songwriter, DJ icon and reigning Queen of feelgood club beats, Jodie Harsh, shares a song pumped with so much dance factor, you could groove to it anywhere.

"Be Sweet" by Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast gives us Foals vibes on the verses but 80s pop harmonises in the chorus of this short but sweet new single. A bit addictive.

"More (feat. Coops)" by IYAMAH

We want "More" of IYAMAH as she brings her "rootsy soul" sounds back into our ears. Linking up with Coops, IYAMAH said the song "is a glimpse into that kind of love that we all fantasise over. Often the most addictive type of love is the most toxic, unhealthy and addictive kind. We’ve all been there, but is it really love that we want? Or is it more of a distraction… or an escape from our own reality?"

"Slip!" by Aziya

Newcomer Aziya crashes her way into the frame with the rousing rock number "Slip!" We can't wait to see what she shares this year.

"JOSIE" by Liza Owen

Liza Owen shares her anxieties about her lover's ex - Josie - being back in town on this Jolene-inspired new single.

"Photo ID (with Dominic Fike)" by Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf recruits Dominic Fike for a remix of her super popular song, "Photo ID", giving it a new lease of life so we can all binge-stream it once again.

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