In Notion Now: Week 31, check out new songs from Olivia Dean, Ayra Starr, Duckwrth, Raleigh Ritchie, Clean Bandit, Jungle, Nao, SEB, Matilda Mann and more.

"Cross My Mind" by Olivia Dean

Londoner Olivia Dean has shared the tender, soul-searching 'Growth', her third EP. The five piano-led songs represent a 'time capsule of the last year" she said. "It’s me processing my perspective on love and loving myself. Each song feels like a different stage of understanding relationships, whether with yourself or somebody else. It’s at times felt like my most difficult project but in the end has been the most rewarding. I know myself so much better through this music."

"Bloody Samaritan" by Ayra Starr

Fast-rising Nigerian teen sensation, Ayra Starr, drops blazing rhythmic dance track "Bloody Samaritan." Ayra explained: “I love this track because I was unapologetic and assertive on it – something people my age often struggle to be, and I want my fans to feel that way when they listen to it, liberated of societal standards and expectations.”

"4K" by Duckwrth & Phabo

LA-based musician, artist and designer, Duckwrth, teams up with Phabo for the pandemic-inspired single "4K". He offered: “Right when outside started opening up and everyone started flocking to Tulum and Hawaii...that’s what 4K is about. Trying to adjust and acclimate while still having fun,” said Duckwrth. “It’s the paradox of the recurring line, ‘Was your pandemic popping?’ 4K is a movie, and that’s what the pandemic turned into when we were let loose.”

"Tugman Vacation" by Unknown T

East London rapper, Unknown T, has dropped his long-awaited sophomore project, 'Adolescence'. With a line-up of some of the hottest talents on the scene, including Nafe Smallz, Potter Payper, M1llionz and Digga D, the project is stacked with exciting collaborations.

"Wicked" by Jordan Stephens

On Jordan's new single a he encourages everyone to feel good within themselves and own their shit from the inside out, no matter what the pressures from the external world tell you.

"Say What You Mean" by Raleigh Ritchie

Another poignant track from Raleigh Ritchie, the artist encourages listeners to speak their mind in a world that can be hard to navigate at the best of times.

"Hide With You" by Milan Ring

Completely written, performed, produced and mixed by Milan herself, "Hide With You" is about "the search for freedom; hoping that one day, in the vastness of space & time, we find it together. This is a song I hold very dear to my heart and has provided great healing for me. I hope that it may do the same for others also.”

"Leave" by Bklava

DJ, producer, singer, songwriter and musician, Bklava, has dropped her 'Autonomy EP' , featuring two new singles. Compromising everything from UK Garage to pop, 2-step, UK Funky and more, it's a shimmering sophomore effort from the Brighton-based polymath.

"Switch It Up (feat. BackRoad Gee)" by Alana Maria

Tipped as the UK's next 'R&B princess', Alana Maria has linked with rapper BackRoad Gee on 90s vibe single "Switch It Up". Alana said: “The track is an automatic 90’s groove which focuses on the idea of getting money as the main priority and choosing to put love aside. I loved creating this song because it highlights the importance of putting your needs first before anyone or anything else, which I think is necessary in order to have a happy life and to understand self-importance is key."

"Drive (feat. Wes Nelson)" by Clean Bandit & Topic

Wes Nelson continues to prove that he can't be boxed into one genre by lending vocals to this new dance track from Clean Bandit and Topic. Featuring pulsating beats and gliding strings, this is a definite earworm.

"Truth" by Jungle

Jungle switch things up again with a electric guitar-led melody, lending a much rockier sound to their music than we're used to. But, we gotta say, it definitely works.

"Priorities" by L Devine

Pop singer-songwriter L Devine has shared her ‘NEAR LIFE EXPERIENCE: PART 1’ project, including the track "Priorities". About the breaking point in a relationship, L Devine said: I had the title ‘Priorities’ in mind for a while. I just wanted to get my frustrations in a relationship out, as I was so maddened that this person wasn’t putting me first, like I was with them. Over time, the song’s meaning has changed for me. Now it makes me think of the journey I’ve been on with myself since I wrote it. I’ve realised all the things I list in the song that this person is prioritising over me, are things I should be doing for myself. I was so fixated on putting my whole self-worth onto this person when really, I just needed to stop and look after myself.”

"February" by Matilda Mann

Another angelic offering from London's Matilda Mann, "February" once again showcases the singer-songwriter's ability to reveal the very bones of human feelings. Speaking on the new track, Matilda said: “February is about realising that maybe, the time with your person, is coming to an end. Sometimes you can both sense it, but neither of you want to say, you just wait around to start that conversation.”

"And The Life Was Beautiful" by Nao

Nao has shared her third studio album ‘And Then Life Was Beautiful’, the follow-up from her critically acclaimed, Mercury Prize and Grammy-nominated album ‘Saturn’. Speaking on the record, Nao said: “Life isn’t perfect; we still go through ups and downs, but it can be beautiful as a whole. I do think it’s a hopeful album, in an honest way – it’s not shiny or all ‘isn’t this great!’ and ‘party party party.’ But it’s hopeful in that through every rough patch, every dark patch or struggle we always come out again. That’s what life is. You keep going. But most of all you try and step into a place of gratitude so that you can see life in all of its beauty.”

"killer lover boy" by SEB

Newcomer SEB releases his six-track 'IT'S OK, WE'RE DREAMING' EP. His single "seaside_demo" put the musician on the map and with this record, he shows everyone that SEB is here to stay.

"Knights" by Darrell Cole

Darrell Cole's latest single features pensive saxophone production as he narrates the years gone by reflecting on his journey whilst always striving to reach new levels of success with his friends by his side.

"Fake Ex" by Yaw Tog

Ghanaian breakthrough rapper Yaw Tog shares his debut EP 'TIME'. The 18-year-old rising star's record embodies the true essence of Kumerica, enabling him to make waves across the globe.

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