Platinum selling songwriter Stalking Gia returns to self-releasing with infectious new single “obviously…”.

New-York based Stalking Gia is making waves with alternative-pop hits, accumulating over 20 million streams since her debut in 2016. Currently working towards a brand-new chapter, the artist has just released a glistening new single “obviously…”.


Debuting her alt-pop sound with hit single “Second Nature”, the artist quickly gained critical acclaim and reached a sizable 13.2 million Spotify streams on this track alone. Since then, Gia has continued to climb her way to the top, joining American rapper Blackbear on tour after he remixed a sample of “Second Nature” into his single, “Wish U The Best”. The two later went onto creating “Miracles”, a track that currently stands at 4.7 million streams.


Having previously partnered with Epic Records on releases “The Kindest Thing”, “Astronaut”, “Worship”, and “Blue”, Gia is now onto a new chapter as her latest release sees the artist return to independently self releasing her music. According to Stalking Gia the new track, “is about the dreaded talking phase during the first few weeks of seeing someone new. From grand gestures to radio silence and all the speculation in-between. Song form of the phrases… if they wanted to they would and he’s just not that into you”.

Stream "obviously..." below: