Szarr’s new release is a love letter to the ocean with captivating vocals and summery instrumentation, out now.

Swiss musician Szarr returns with his brand-new flavourful single, “Ocean”. The track benefits from summery production, featuring drums, marimba, bongos, electric guitar, and synth, all paired with Szarr’s signature captivating vocals. 


In an ode to the ocean, the artist explains that the track is a “love letter to somebody very beautiful, in my case the ocean itself.” The idea for the single occurred when Szarr was in Mexico, and he started adding drums to his digital studio and choppign up vocals. Once he’d rushed home, he could finish the song and ended up penning the sentimental lyrics of first-time love.


Since picking up an old guitar at 11, Szarr’s musical output has been greatly influenced by his multicultural upbringing. Born to Balkan parents who have travelled extensively, his background has helped him to experiment with genres and produce a sound that is unique to him.


Listen to "Ocean" below: