Dreemy Alpha’s braggadocios wordplay is on full display in new single “Ooh”, encapsulating the artists journey so far.

Building his own rap entity from the ground up, Dreemy Alpha is a seasoned artist, executive producer and designer taking the hip-hop game by storm. Encapsulating his journey so far, new single “Ooh” radiates an infectious vibe thanks to vibrant production and the wordsmith’s seasoned lyricism.  


Catching on around studios and sets in his native California, Dreemy was encouraged to pursue music by DMV Hometown Heroes like Fat Trel, 3ohBlack and WillThaRapper. Subsequently, his debut single, “K.I.L.L.A’, shot to #40 on the iTunes charts. Future full-length projects like ‘ReLOADN’ similarly landed mainstream success and now the rapper can count T-Pain as one of his famous allies.  


“Ooh” is a feel-good offering flavoured by hip-hop with a vivacious atmosphere. Released in time for summer, the swelling synths and silky smooth 808s lay the foundations for Dreemy’s boastful wordplay. On the track, he says “Ooh’ is a dope, confident party song,” adding that the track came together organically. With the world in his sight, don’t be mistaken, this won’t be the last you’ll hear of Dreemy Alpha.  

Stream "Ooh" below: