Long-lost photographs taken by Paul McCartney are soon to be unveiled at London exhibition ‘Paul McCartney: 1963-64 Eyes of the Storm’.

Before the word ‘stans’ was even a seed in people’s minds, there was the Apple Scruffs. This was the name given to the most devoted fans of The Beatles, who would stand outside Abbey Road Studios, McCartney’s home and Apple Corps in a frenzied and sustained attempt to meet even one of the foursome. And, while many bands throughout time could only dream of this type of success, the weight of shattered privacy naturally made life more stressful for The Beatles. 


In 1963, to help alleviate some of the anxieties that came with being constantly photographed, each member of the band was given a Pentax. Between ‘63 and early ‘64, McCartney shot hundreds of images of The Beatles’ daily life across the globe, from quieter days in their hometown of Liverpool to days in the Miami sun. These images were rediscovered in 2020 when digging through the musician’s archives, and they are about to be brought to light in an exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery.

In celebration of his recent photo book showcasing the images, ‘1964: Eyes of the Storm’, the gallery will host a 250-photos-strong exhibition from the 28th of June through to the 1st of October. The archive captures The Beatles in a rare candid light, providing an insight into what the height of Beatlemania was like for its hailed human subjects. It also records their first-ever trip to the United States, where they made their debut on The Ed Sullivan Show which was seen by a then-record 73 million viewers. 


To open the exhibition, on June 29th, McCartney will be interviewed by Stanley Tucci about their shared interest in culture through their experiences both in front of and behind the camera. They will draw upon stories behind the 250 photographs exhibited, discussing the star’s influences and insights into his life and his own photography. The event will be live-streamed, and tickets can be found here.


Tickets for Paul McCartney Photographs 1963-64: Eyes of the Storm are available to purchase on the gallery’s site.

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