Determined to keep summer alive is singer-songwriter Harry Jay with his energetic new single "Pool Party".

With funky bass licks and pad synth melodies, “Pool Party” is an instant mood lifter for when you find yourself reflecting the dull wintry weather. Tinged with disco hooks and lyrics that will linger after a first listen, ‘Pool Party’ is another addition to his small canon of pop-infused bangers. As the song comes to an end Jay shows off his unrestrained vocal abilities, filling the anthemic middle 8 section with layered melodies and smooth ad-libs in falsetto, a testament to his studies in jazz composition and performance.


Born in Washington DC and now residing in LA, Jay dove into exploring his musical abilities during his high school days. Connected to his purpose and filled with determination, he made the move to LA where he found the creative space to turn his turmoils into feel-good music.


Harry Jay is an energetic addition to the pop scene, merging elements of RnB, funk, and pop to establish his sound and style. Speaking on the track, Harry shares: “Pool Party tells the story of a girl from my past who treated me for a long time as if I didn’t exist or wasn’t important enough to spend time with, but attempted to befriend me when I began gaining popularity for my music. The song encapsulates the frustration that came with wanting to be a part of the “in” crowd and wanting people to notice me, as well as the confusion and eventual disillusionment that came with being treated as if I was “cool” just for my musical abilities.”

Listen to "Pool Party" below:


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