Ceara Cavalieri releases new track "Radio Silence", an electric single about processing heartbreak.

Hailing from Southern California and having graduated from UCLA with a Psychology degree, the now 26-year-old Ceara Cavalieri has dedicated herself to making music full time. Her latest creative output sees the release of an emotive new single, “Radio Silence”.


A track that documents the rising artist’s deeply personal experiences, the concept of ‘radio silence’ relates to Ceara being “randomly ghosted” by someone she had been dating for over eight months. Having taken to songwriting in her teenage years as a means to express her thoughts, and it seems that music is still a means for the artist to process life events. The result is a track that is as relatable as it is honest: alongside a catchy pop-rock melody that sweetens Ceara’s message.


She has explored how she hopes listeners will relate to the new track: “I know that most people have experienced something like this and it can really make you feel down on yourself especially without getting that closure. If you’re going through something like this or have experienced something similar then this is definitely a song that you can scream in your car.” Even for those that haven’t been ghosted, Ceara offers a musical insight into her world, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Listen here: