British musician Anna Foye shares the vulnerable new single "Rattlesnake".

Building a name for herself with emotive songwriting and melodies, rising musician Anna Foye is back with a new single, titled “Rattlesnake”.


“’Rattlesnake’ was written as my rebellion song,” Foye states. “After a lot of confusion about my identity and resentment towards anyone around me who seemed at peace with themselves, I came across a piece of information about rattlesnakes that said ‘rattlesnake skin has a set of overlapping scales, providing protection from threats including physical trauma’ and I thought, ‘fine, if snakes can protect themselves from the world then so can I.”


Originally written by Foye with just a mere piano and vocals, she later went into the studio to give it a grander arrangement. We came to it with a very experimental approach using fairly unorthodox instrumentation; one of the key percussion parts is us hitting his kitchen table. I love how chaotic the process was, it reflects the message of the song in such a fun way. We built up the track and then added the backing vocals which are always my favourite part because they seem to blend everything together and fill the empty space”, Foye explained.

Watch the music video below: