Peruzzi has dropped his infectiously summery new track, "Ready", featuring Acebergtm.

Peruzzi is ready for the big time. Having collaborated with big hitters like Popcaan and Burna Boy, the rising Afrobeats star is all set for a huge spot this week performing at the O2 alongside global musical sensation DaVido. It’s a reflection of how far the artist’s star has risen since his debut in 2017, but he’s not stopping there.


He’s gearing up for a highly-anticipated fourth studio album this year, and the first salvo from this new Peruzzi era is the song “Ready”. As we slowly nudge into spring, we’re all on the lookout for tunes that can soundtrack our tentative emergence into those warm outside days, and Peruzzi is happy to step up to the plate in a song that’s angling to be the background tune of this coming summer.


With its confident vocals and thrumming base line, it’s a cool and confident tune that invites the listener to soak in the good vibes and dance along – a clear sign of how Peruzzi is ready for the spotlight to be brightly turned upon him. It’s been produced alongside rising Nigerian producer Yung Willis, an example of Peruzzi’s eye for up and coming talent to create music that sounds nostalgic and fresh, commemorative of the past but optimistic about the future.


It’s reflected in the song’s music video, which visualises the song’s celebration of a fun, hedonistic time at the beach away from the worries of the world. In the video, Peruzzi stays in touch with the backdrop of nature as a place of pleasure and relaxation, looking to the good times ahead in those warm summer days.


Peruzzi rolls into London for his show at the O2 with DaVido this Saturday, March 6th.

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