International artist Ghita returns with "Real Lies", a slick pop number based on a real-life experience.

Born in Casablanca but now also living between London and LA, Ghita’s music dances between bright and bubbly commercial pop and tinges of R&B.


On her latest track, “Real Lies,” Ghita showcases her smooth vocals and slick pop production as she sings about an ex-manager who messed her around. “Tell me how the hell you sleep at night? / Thank God that I finally realised / Your real lies,” Ghita ponders on the pre-chorus.


Speaking about the new track, she said, You would actually think it’s about a relationship but I actually wrote the song with my good friend August Rigo (Justin Bieber, Kehlani, One Direction) after a horrible night fighting with an ex-manager who lied to me about money stuff. I came back home crying and the next day I was in the studio with Stereotypes (Bruno Mars, Cardi B) writing that song and that’s where I met August for the first time and we had a similar story, the vibe was just there and since then we became good friends. The making of the music is becoming my favourite part of the process, I also can’t wait to perform it. I really believe in that song. I cried while recording it. The tone of my voice was softer and more sensitive than usual but we decided to keep my demo vocals cuz it came from a real, real place”.

Watch the music video for "Real Lies" below: