French producer, Solarrio, drops the atmospheric, genre-free tune, "Real Love," all about enduring the highs and lows of relationships.

Whilst “Real Love” has a modern sound, the song was actually first created in 2006.


The instrumentation for “Real Love” began more than a decade ago when Solarrio was living in Chicago (one of the many cities in which he’s lived – including Boston and Berlin) as a music producer. For the track, Solarrio brought on his father, Daniel Barenboim, a renowned pianist and conductor.


Guitar licks mix with a delicate piano in the “Real Love” introduction, before a drumbeat kicks in to up the ante. It’s a genre-free tune that has touches of John Mayer’s smooth percussion and Khruangbin’s vibey rhythms. Setting it apart is Solarrio’s distinct vocals.


Speaking on the new track, Solarrio said: “It’s about finding real love out there and going through the ups and downs that make the relationship even stronger. It could be about a person, about music, about god, whatever the listener feels”


Listen to “Real Love” by Solarrio below: