KAS unleashes new visuals for his track "Right Back", taken from his latest EP.

Brooklyn native, KAS, spent his time this year laying down his sonic groundwork. In doing so, he caught the attention of many – including SoundCloud – and soon after earned the title of ‘Artist To Watch’.


In his new track “Right Back”, KAS paints the scene of the gritty, raw struggles one may face while striving towards greatness. The track opens with sultry vocals from Kaye Fox and the tranquil, hypnotising vibe she brings contrasts greatly with KAS’ hard-hitting introspective lyrics.


When speaking about the track, KAS states, “‘Right Back’ is the slogan for hustlers, dreamers, and grinders. We have to leave home to strive for something greater, but the main objective is to come back home safely and better than how you were when you left”.


Both KAS’ and Kaye’s vocals synchronise on a warm baseline and a dabbing guitar beat in the symbolic music video. The visual art takes place in KAS’ hometown of Red Hook. The juxtaposition of a muscle car melting rubber in an empty parking lot against the backdrop of a dancer spinning with precision, lends itself to two sides of KAS. The music video is dedicated to his fans and family for all their support during these strange times.


Be sure to listen to KAS’ EP ​‘Long Story Short’​.

Watch the music video for 'Right Back' below: