In honour of Rishi Sunak all but ending the Adidas samba trend this week, we take a look at some of our Prime Minister's biggest footwear fumbles.

Ooops…he did it again. And no, it’s not for his alienated politics, this time it’s for his ill-equipped fashion choices. Welcome to Sunak’s samba-gate: an ‘it’ shoe turned into a strict faux pas in a matter of seconds, after the Tory PM was pictured conducting an interview with influencer, Abigail Foster, in a pair of the gum-soled, bright white and box fresh Adidas sambas.


You’ve got to hand it to Sunak. Turning a shoe that was deemed as ‘the official shoe of the season’ into an absolute no-go is impressive to say the least. But what did he expect? Fashion has always played a hand in Downing Street. And there is something about a middle-aged man trying to ‘get down with the kids’ that is beyond the pale and frankly the last straw—especially when we’re talking about Rishi Sunak, whose selfish outtake and out of touch policies have sent many people in the country into poverty-stricken conditions.


He is after all a living kill joy—a man who could suck the life out of Tomorrowland’s main stage or give someone a throbbing headache after a minute conversation. It’s not his first rodeo, garnering online hate for his fashion and footwear choices. From Palm Angel slides to putting his trotters into £490 Prada loafers, here are three shoes Sunak has kaput into ruins.

The Big Brown Boots

Wearing a pair of £150 brown Timberland boots during his speech on plans to curb migrant crossings across the Channel only shows that Sunak is awful at reading he room. While he touted the effectiveness of his ‘Stop The boats’ initiative, it was the boots, not the boats that stole the limelight, spawning online jests and memes by playing on his own slogan: ‘Stop The Boots’.  Our PM also came under fire for the size of the boot compared to his smaller self, with one meme depicting him navigating the sea in a colossal boot-boat.

Socks and Sliders…no thanks

While serving as Chancellor, Sunak was papped sporting white socks and a pair of £95 Palm Angels sliders, during a crucial budget meeting—ironic, we know. While fashion is subjective, the combination of socks and sliders is never a chic look; never mind a statesmanlike footwear choice for traversing the hallowed halls of Parliament. Come on Rishi, pull your socks up, and put on a polished pair of brogues.

The Devil Wears Prada, and so does Rishi Sunak

Putting on his glitz and glam, Sunak opted for a flashy pair of Prada suede loafers  during a visit to a building site in Teesside. Valued at £490, these brown plimsolls exceed the weekly average wage in the area. The irony wasn’t lost as Sunak advocated for reining in inflation before considering tax cuts. Swiftly, images spread across social media platforms, with comments like, “They are the cheapest shoes he owns” and another remarking, “The lack of awareness of Rishi Sunak is mind-blowing.”