Hip-hop connoisseur, Buu E. Radley, gives us a bird’s eye view into his mind in latest track, ‘Round We Go’.

Buu E. Radley’s approach to music is simple: identify a subject, and compelling songwriting with intricate lyricism will naturally follow. Manifesting tracks that are both reflective and universally resonate, the American hip-hop whizz weaves rich soundscapes, where pulsating production seamlessly carries vibrant rhythms. His latest release, ‘Round We Go’, stands as evidence of his skill in crafting evocative lyrics, accompanied by captivating production, as he unravels a chilly hip-hop offering steeped in unabashed authenticity.


With music—especially hip-hop—woven into his upbringing, Buu E. Radley’s musical journey took its wings during his high school years. Crossing paths with Cyclops Herder—a production artist from Pittsburgh—the two collaborated on Buu E’s debut album, Mustard Seed as well as his sophomore album, Pre-Purgatory. As he navigated the independent scene, crafting bouncy lively beats, his music discography expanded. However, the artist remained steadfast in his dedication to infusing his tracks with genuine emotion, even amidst his upward trajectory.


Displaying that this dedication still is intact, ‘Round We Go’ sees Buu E channeling a different side to his persona, as he dives into the concept of generational wealth and his bid to create a legacy for his family. Unveiled from his LP, The Mockingbird, ‘Round We Go’ makes for a smooth and progressive song as his warm flow spreads across a dynamic production, whilst he keeps the vibes high across the upbeat offering.


As ‘Round We Go’ stands as an ode to his maturity in songwriting, if the track is a taste of what’s yet to come from the Midwest native, then his future is looking bright.


When speaking about the track, Buu E. Radley says: “It sums up my journey from humble beginnings to now having a chance to get ahead financially.”

Listen to 'Round We Go' now: