Swedish bubblegum emo act Tribe Friday release new single “Salt Clouds”, ahead of their sophomore album ‘HEMMA’.

Inspired by The Strokes and My Chemical Romance, Tribe Friday have found a niche in the emo-sphere, combining sugary melodies with vivid storytelling. It’s not often that you find a band so willing to experiment with different genres and being brave enough to release music that encapsulates this. The Swedish band are certainly an exception, and as they gear up to release their sophomore album, they’ve dropped a charismatic new single, titled “Salt Clouds”. 


Playing a range of dates across Europe, Tribe Friday have established themselves as a must-see live act. Singer-guitarist Noah has an undeniable stage presence, leading the four-piece with a frontman charm and serenading the crowd with his dynamic vocals. Their playful, indie rock sound will have you hitting the dancefloor and creating mosh pits in equal measure; if you’re lucky enough to catch them live sometime soon. 


Creating a narrative that reflects their experiences growing up in Sweden, Tribe Friday just released their new single, “Salt Clouds”. Another rugged indie anthem, the track takes on similar narratives of previous releases, where tales of love and identity are relayed with a unique wit and charm. On the song, lead singer Noah says: “I’d placed a lot of blame for me being the way I am in my surroundings, and that I had a lot of built-up resentment because of it,” before adding, “It’s a letter home and an imaginary letter back.”

Watch the video for "Salt Clouds" below: