Norway's pop music powerhouse, Dagny, picks 10Trax as she releases her long-awaited debut album, 'Strangers/Lovers'.



Written as one story, shared in two parts to represent the two different sides of said tale, ‘Strangers/Lovers’ has already birthed the absolute BOPS “Somebody” and “Come Over”, shared on ‘Side A’ of her record, released in June.


   Her talent has accrued her hundreds of millions of streams over the years, and with ‘Strangers/Lovers’, we bet those numbers continue to soar.


To celebrate the release of her debut album, Dagny picks 10Trax for Notion – each one just a fizzy as the next. Dive in below!

"Lisztomania" by Phoenix

"An oldie but a goodie. This song never fails to pick me up. I didn't listen to Phoenix a lot in my 20s, despite being a massive indie fan, but recently I rediscovered my love for them. This is a band that inspires me on many levels; and their visuals are so on point. I really hope I get to experience them live someday soon."

"Heartbeats" by The Knife

"There's been so many covers of this song, that a lot of people don't even know the original, which is the best one out there in my opinion. I think it's such a great song and I love their productions despite some of their songs maybe being a bit too experimental for my normal taste. Everyone should have this song on their playlists."

"Rocket Girl (Feat. Betty Who)" by Lemaitre

"I wrote "Rocket Girl" with Lemaitre and couldn't be happier that they got Betty to sing on it. The Lemaitre boys are also from Norway and they've kept releasing great songs over many years. Betty and her music are just awesome. I actually spent a week with her at an Italian writing camp and it made me an even bigger fan. Great people + great song = greatness."

"Don't Speak" by No Doubt

"Another oldie, but such a classic! It's also worth mentioning that it's probably the music video I remember the best from my childhood. I would love to have a project like No Doubt: cool indie music with a glam, female front figure. Both thumbs up!"

"Motion Sickness" by Phoebe Bridgers

"Not only one of my all time favorite songs, but also one of my all time favorite albums. "Stranger in the Alps" was on repeat last year and I was so happy to catch Phoebe Bridgers at a gig in Oslo with another one of her projects, Better Oblivion Community Center."

"Hey Ma" by Bon Iver

"Oh, this song. I heard it and immediately fell in love with it. Bon Iver always manages to create such a special atmosphere in his music. And his voice is stunning. This, and also "re:stacks", are my two favorite Bon Iver songs and I never get tired of them, or him."

"Red Eyes" by War On Drugs

"I listened to this song a lot around the time I wrote "Backbeat", my first single, back in 2015. It's like the perfect road trip song. Five years later it still remains on my playlist."

"Break My Heart" by Dua Lipa

"Can't do a list like this without bringing in one of the brightest stars in the pop sky. I'm a fan of Dua and I think they created such a new and fresh sound for her on the latest album - and this song is great. Also, the video is SO good.."

"White Foxes" by Susanne Sundfør

"One of Norway's finest artists; Susanne Sundfør. Her voice is from another world, it never fails to astonish me! If you don't know of her, please lean back and just enjoy her many albums. They're all pure quality."

"Bum Like You" by Robyn

"I'm a massive Robyn fan. "Hang With Me" is probably my all time favorite song, but recently I've been really into this one, "Bum Like You", from her self titled album "Robyn" (2005). I have too many things to say about her, so I'll just leave it at that. She's the actual queen! (!!)."