Fast emerging Chicago newcomer, Serena Isioma, picks 10Trax that she's loving at the moment, as she drops her 'The Leo Sun Sets' EP.

Debuting in 2019, at the start of 2020, Serena Isioma was already making waves with her game-changing single “Sensitive” that quickly up millions of streams. Shortly after, she dropped her first EP of the same name.


The early adoption of Serena’s music was indicative of the buzz that has stayed around her as she continued to bless us with more singles that would later join an eclectic new EP – ‘The Leo Sun Sets’. Moving away from her bedroom pop beginnings, Serena Isioma explores a more experimental indie sound on ‘The Leo Sun Sets’ while still grounding herself in R&B.


The 20-year-old musician may be young, but she’s got big thing ahead of her. We asked Serena to pick 10Trax that she’s loving at the moment. Dive in!

"Momentary Bliss (ft. Slowthai and Slaves)" by The Gorillaz

“That man slowthai really knows how to body a beat. Like, how can one make me want to fight and dance at the same time. I have no choice but to stan.”

"To Feel Alive" by Kali Uchis

“Everything Kali touches turns to gold. She can do no wrong. I adore her.”

"I Know It's Over" by The Smiths

“I remember being on my sad boy shit crying in my pillow while this played in the background. I’m such a meme.”

"Isolated" by POORSTACY

“This was my breakup anthem. I would not be talking to y’all if this song didn’t exist and I’m gonna leave it at that.”

"I Kiss Your Lips" by Tokyo Ghetto Pussy

“This song makes me feel so good. It makes me feel like nothing’s wrong.”

"Bull Fighter" by Jean Dawson

“I love Jean Dawson. I don’t know him but I study the way he moves.”

"Gospel For A New Century" by Yves Tumor

“This song is such a vibe. No clue what he’s talking about but that makes it even more fun. It’s like a puzzle that isn’t meant to be solved.”

"wicked, sexy!" by Odunsi (The Engine)

“Naija boys are winning. Plus, he showed me love from the beginning. I want to see him win.”

"Triggered (Freestyle)" by Jhené Aiko

“It almost felt like Jhené was speaking for me in this song. She’s an incredible artist and deserves everything and more."

"Come Over" by The Internet

“Not entirely sure why but this song brings back feelings of the separation anxiety I feel when I really love someone. It’s kinda deep but there’s beauty in it.”

Stream Serena Isioma's new EP below: