Berlin songwriter benzii confronts the hardships of growing up on her latest track.

Germany has historically been a place for huge musical experimentation, and young singer-songwriter benzii is proudly continuing that tradition.


Her guiding principle is radical honesty, which often takes her songwriting to tough places, but it’s all the richer for her unwillingness to look away from life’s hardships.


benzii’s music is a portrait of a young artist struggling with anger at the world and in the discord inside herself, and her own search for comfort and meaning within that, and that’s certainly the case in her latest single “Skip A Beat”, produced alongside Berlin DJ Luca Eck.


Entering on a thrumming synth line, the track builds quickly in intensity to illustrate how quickly benzii becomes overwhelmed by the mental health struggles that often threaten to dominate their life. With its skipping rhythms, the track becomes a struggle to break free, and in its jittery and changeable mood, it opens up the hope that such a ‘breakout’ will be possible.

Listen below: