Soleil and VKZ Release Brand New Album "LOVE / SOUNDS + ROBOTS".

Miami’s hottest EDM duo, Soleil and VKZ, have returned with “LOVE / SOUNDS + ROBOTS,” a futuristic, mesmerizing LP of eight tropical tracks, including the already released “LOVING IS EASY (U GOT THE LOVE),” “NTBYG,” “SOLO LOVER (I’M YOURS),” and “STRANGERS.” Soliel and VKZ once again unite their strengths across songwriting, production, and playing multiple instruments on this joint album. The frequent collaborators showcase their versatility and adventurousness.


To add another layer of emotion and thought to his work, VKZ often teams up with singer-songwriters; besides Soleil, he has enlisted Nory and Gabuardi in the past. The DJ’s meticulously crafted beats are both hard-hitting and atmospheric, with each track on “LOVE / SOUNDS + ROBOTS” serving as more than just an upbeat party song. Every one of his releases not only aims to provide an energy boost, but also stimulate one’s imagination.


Soleil and VKZ describe their latest effort as “a sonic rollercoaster exploring different electronic music subgenres, mixed together with amazing songwriting and vocal performances.” True to the pair’s words, “LOVE / SOUNDS + ROBOTS” is one of the most genre-diverse bodies of work to exist. It flawlessly fuses the styles of R&B, Jazz, Electronic, House, Garage, and Bossa Nova, among countless others. This daring, experimental project is truly the first of its kind; at times, it takes turns for the unexpected.


Soleil and VKZ cite a wide range of influences, so naturally, this album’s lyrics and soundscape incorporate techniques from all over the spectrum. “LOVE / SOUNDS + ROBOTS” comes alive through its strategic placement of vocal chops, beat drops, basslines, and many more vital elements. Soleil and VKZ seem to completely disregard mainstream norms and trends – the duo’s passion, authenticity, and irresistible quirkiness can radiate through the speakers.


For this project, Soleil and VKZ have opted to meld the format of a love song with a virtual journey into the cosmos. The tracks of “LOVE / SOUNDS + ROBOTS” could perhaps play at DJ dance parties thrown on spaceships, with aliens and other hypothetical creatures in attendance. “ZODIAC,” for instance, maintains a pulsating beat while carrying a celestial aura. Aided by Soleil’s effortlessly airy voice, it spins the current fad of astrology into an ethereal masterpiece about lust. “GREAT BEYOND” mixes in some steady, syncopated rhythms to its structure of isolated beats. This song leads into a driven, inquisitive exploration of the unknown – in addition to its smooth, pitch-perfect vocal harmonies.


Soleil and VKZ are both coming fresh off of brief show runs with popular promoters such as Breaking Sound and Sofar Sounds. Undoubtedly, with the release of a groundbreaking new album, fans of them both have plenty to look forward to. For now, lose yourself in the complex, breathtaking world of “LOVE / SOUNDS + ROBOTS!”


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