Gianna Ernst's unique style and raw talent shines in new single “Someday”.

With her five-octave vocal range and songwriting abilities, Gianna is quickly becoming known as one of the most innovative performers today. Her new single, “Someday,” showcases her raw talent and emotional depth, exploring themes of longing and unrequited love. Gianna’s passion for making music that moves people is evident in everything she writes, performs, and produces. A true student of her craft, she has spent her career honing her skills and perfecting her art, making her one of this generation’s most exciting young artists.


Gianna has already gained viral recognition for her singing and hit record Dangerous. It’s a song that shines a light on the issue of manipulation and control in a relationship, where one party tries to assert their intelligence and dominance over the other. This powerful track is a celebration of self-empowerment and reclaiming one’s agency, and it inspires listeners to stand up for themselves and say, “This Girl is Dangerous.”


With her new single, “Someday,” she is poised to take the world by storm. Her unique style and emotional vulnerability will surely capture the attention of music lovers everywhere, solidifying her place as one of the next great young artists.


Don’t miss out on Gianna Ernst’s new single “Someday,” and be prepared to be moved by this once-in-a-generation artist. Her passion for music is evident in everything she does, and her future in the industry is limitless.

Stream "Someday" below: