Rising R&B duo YSO and AAKASH drop their glittering new track "STAY AWAKE".

Singer YSO and writer-producer AAKASH only embarked on their professional musical journey together in October of 2021, but the duo shares a history steeped in music and dance. YSO’s practice of classical violin has leant them an ear for creating exquisite melodies, while AAKASH’s background in hip-hop choreography has helped shape their releases of today.


Following the release of singles “NIGHT”, “NEED” and “INTROVERT” the emerging R&B duo YSO and AAKASH reveal their latest track “STAY AWAKE”. YSO’s hypnotising vocals meld with brooding melodies and AAKASH’s soulful production to create a flawless listening experience.


Inspired by the time spent with a woman YSO met travelling in Tulum, Mexico, the track is “about the rare moments you share with someone that you don’t want to let go of and stay awake to hold onto them.” Their latest offering adds to their impressive roster of glittering R&B – we can’t wait to hear what they do next. 



Listen to "STAY AWAKE" below: