Newcomer Jade Morgan Kelly unleashes her second single “Terrified”.

Aged only 19, Jade Morgan Kelly already has a distinctive sound that mixes R&B, indie-rock and early noughties pop. The vocal degree student made her debut in 2020 with her shrewd bite-back at relationships of the social media age, “Birds Fly”.


In 2021, she is following up with her second single “Terrified”, which combines warm vocals with a jazzy touch. With a voice similar to that of female pop-icon Anne Marie, Kelly sings against a multi-layered backing track of chilled electronic sounds, violins, and twangy guitar riffs.


Kelly has shared her inspiration for the song: “You’re in love and it is going well. Happy days but why are you scared of it going wrong? ‘Terrified’ is explaining your venerability of the relationship and how dependent you have now become on your partner and scared of letting your own independence go.”


With an impressively refined sound so early in her career, we can expect to hear more from Jade Morgan Kelly.

Listen to "Terrified" below: