Jordan Astra releases a new song, "The Finer Things", from his upcoming album 'Hourglass'.

Releasing over 20 records in just three years is no mean feat, but Jordan Astra is here to prove that anything is possible.


“The Finer Things” is the latest song to be revealed by the artist, and the lead track from his forthcoming album ‘Hourglass’. Fusing pop with hip-hop elements, the new tune is teeming with feelgood vibes.


Speaking on the new song, Jordan said: “The ‘finer things’ in life are always worth waiting for! It’s about taking your time with the people you love, with the life you live and the passions that get you up every day. Finer Things was a record I produced because I found myself diving deeper into blending Hip-Hop with Disco and Funk sounds. I wanted to blend my favourite genres and continue to make feel-good music”.


Moving from Toronto to Melbourne in 2013, Jordan cites The Neptunes and Jamiroquai as he key influences. The artist writes, produces and engineers all his own music.

Watch "The Finer Things" live session: