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We kicked off the first day of The Great Escape with stellar performances from Joy Crookes, Conan Gray, Kiana Lede and Mae Muller.

Last night market the first evening of our 3-day stint at The Great Escape. Taking the stage as our first performer of the night was Mae Muller, donned in a polka-dot jumpsuit and ready to amaze the crowd with her soulful vocals.


Muller is part of the next generation of female pop stars making empowering music. Refreshingly current and carving her own niche the up and coming singer stunned on stage with a powerful and compelling performance.


Next up was soon to be pop powerhouse Kiana Lede. The singer took the stage in an iconic white fur coat and cowboy boots, ready to amaze with her buttery vocals. The American songstress is set to make her mark in the music industry and her performance last night on the Notion stage was a testimony of it


Crowd favourite Conan Gray caught everyone’s attention through his careful blend of upbeat melodies and thoughtful lyricism. Described as a cross between Lorde and Troye Sivan, his show was one of the most anticipated performances of the evening.


Joy Crookes closed our Thursday evening show with a breathtaking show. The singer just released her debut EP Reminiscence in January and is on the cusp of becoming one of the most poignant young faces of the music industry.


Take a look at the highlights of the night above and join us again tonight at Shoosshh for another array of stellar performances from the highest ranked up and coming talent in the music industry.


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