Merging folk and prog-rock, press play on Armenian artist Tigran Hamasyan’s new single.

Out today is ‘The Kingdom’, Tigran Hamasyan’s lead single from his anticipated upcoming album, The Bird of A Thousand Voices. Inspired by an ancient Armenian tale, the album’s concept revolves around a hero’s quest for a mythical bird whose song can restore harmony to the world. 


‘The Kingdom’ merges traditional folk elements with prog-rock influences, reflecting Tigran’s diverse musical palette, and is accompanied by an interactive game, offering listeners a unique way to engage with the music at or Tigran Hamasyan’s masterful composition, scoring, and arrangement evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue, inviting listeners to delve deep into the heart of his musical universe. 


In addition to the single release, mark your calendars for the world premiere of the artist’s album The Bird of a Thousand Voices at the Holland Festival: a multimedia production which promises an immersive experience, blending light installations, shadow play, and live music. Catch Tigran Hamasyan live on 8th and 9th June this year at Amsterdam’s Muziekgebouw for an exclusive preview of this groundbreaking project.  

Listen to 'The Kingdom' now: