LA-based artist, Jenna Lotti, reflects on the pressures of motherhood on her new track "To A Man"

Originally hailing from Milton, Massachusetts but now based in LA, Jenna Lotti initially started writing poetry as a way of coping with her anxiety and depression as a teenager. Eventually these musings transmuted into songs, launching Jenna’s career as an artist.


After touring and releasing music on the east coast for a few years, Jenna made the move to LA, landing a spot on season 2 of NBC’s hit show Songland where she pitched her original song to Julia Michaels. Inspired by her pregnancy and upcoming birth of her child, Jenna released “Born In the Middle” in September of 2021, an intimate reflection of her childhood ahead of the birth of her own son in June 2021.


Now Jenna returns with her latest track “To A Man” which narrates the pressure of becoming a mother under the ruthless magnifying glass of today’s expectations. Jenna’s poignant lyricism and ringing voice overlays the melancholic yet uplifting plucked guitar, capturing this essence of exasperation well.


Speaking on the track, Jenna explains: ‘I was inspired to write this song after becoming a mom in June. To a Man is about the outdated gender assumptions placed on women. The pressure to become a wife and a mother by age 30. To immediately “bounce back” after having a baby. The idea that when you turn 30 you’re “old”. On the other hand, men are applauded for just taking their baby out alone, they get more attractive as they age and they get paid more. It highlights the unrealistic expectations that are said to women but would never be said to men.’

Listen here: