Texas-born artist Truth Francisco is capping off a productive 2023 following his new album, Truth Tells No Lies. This year, he marked a unique high point for one of the best hip-hop artists in the game.

Houston rapper Truth Francisco is capping off an impressive 2023 following his latest album, Truth Tells No Lies.


Truth Francisco is one of those artists who has flown under the radar for far too long. Born in the Acres Home area of Houston, Truth developed a deep love for music from a very young age. His journey into rapping and performing was marked by several tragic events, all of which have remained with him ever since.


The first event was the loss of his father, a pivotal moment that introduced him to the profound pain of irreversible loss. Speaking about this moment, Truth said: “Losing my dad was a key point in my life. It was the first time I felt the internal pain of losing where I know I’ll never get back what I lost.”


Following the death of his father, Truth later lost his grandmother on Christmas 2019. It was a devastating time for him as he had recently moved into his new house following a house fire that inspired his single “Holding On.” He had planned to visit his grandmother on Christmas to give her a necklace he had bought. However, he received a call from his favorite uncle informing him of her passing, and he rushed to the home, unable to believe what he had heard. They had developed a very close bond, so her death hit him hard. Little did he know, this loss was just the beginning, as his cousin’s murder soon followed.


The third event was the tragic loss of his baby cousin, Deja, which plunged him into a state of deep depression and confusion as he grappled with the incomprehensibility of such a death.


Finally, the murder of his older cousin, Tavoris J Randle, served as a turning point in Francisco’s life, propelling him to take his music more seriously and to remain more focused than ever before. He recounted this moment: “It made me start taking music more seriously and staying more focused than ever. He was killed 2 hours after I talked to him.”

These events contributed to Francisco’s music’s profound emotional depth and authenticity. Every song that Truth writes feels hard-earned – like he’s had to battle with his inner demons and depression to find the strength to pen them.


Francisco’s latest album, Truth Tells No Lies, sees him at the height of his creativity and lyrical mastery. The ten songs on this album deal with real-world hardships, triumphs – and how we can still find self-actualization despite life’s challenges.


Expertly produced and with plenty of exciting collaborations, the album ranges from dark, heavy, and poignant tracks like ‘She Running’ feat Johny Romano and Holding On’ feat Bea Moon to more exuberant, highly motivated numbers like ‘Never Met No One’ feat Gerald Isadore Wallace (Izzy), and ‘Dollar For Dollar’ feat Yo Gotti. The album marks a real milestone for Truth, confirming that he’s both a lyrical powerhouse and a clear showman.


His next goal? “To become the greatest Hip-Hop Artist of all time,” he says seriously. It’s no small feat, but judging by his latest tracks, Truth has a fire in his belly. He’s not afraid to be ambitious. Give Truth Tells No Lies a spin, and you’ll see what we mean.

Listen to Truth Tells No Lies now: