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"can't help but let you down" by beaux

Sharing his second track of 2022, on "can't help but let you down" beaux muses on wanting to feel there for his friends and family, even when life gets overwhelming. He especially compares his actions to that of his mother: 'She does so much for me, helping in every aspect of my life and I feel like I don't do much in return.'

"Bad Dad" by PVA

Following the announcement of their debut album, PVA drops "Bad Dad", a dancefloor-meets-basement banger. With its high-energy basslines and glistening synth melodies, PVA continues to fuse alternative electronic flavours with deeply personal subject matter.

"swim alone in the dark" by Ira Nor

Oslo pop newcomer Ira Nor releases "swim alone in the dark" from their debut EP 'Swim Ira'. The soaring pop track breaks down the thought process behind someone both depressed and self-sabotaging, whilst cementing her reputation as an exciting new one-to-watch on the Norway pop scene and beyond.

"Freak Baby" by Izzy Camina

Izzy Camina kicks off a new era with her song "Freak Baby", exploring themes of spirituality, consumerism and the digital future, melding elements of future-pop, breaks, jungle and techno.

"Obviously" by Bleach Lab

Bleach Lab drop "Obviously", a candid reflection of a breakup and every complicated emotion that follows, from blame to disbelief.

"Pull" by Glows

London audio-visual duo Glows (comprised of GG Skips and Felix BH) reveal murky labyrinthine electronic cut "Pull", tracking the emotional fallout that occurs once sacred relationship turns sour in the absence of love.

"let's stay the same?" by planet girl

Singer-songwriter planet girl can't stop singing about love, flexing her sugar sweet vocals on "let's stay the same?", with its soulful pop-synth sound and melodic bass.

"complex (demo)" by Katie Gregson-Macleod

Scottish singer-songwriter Katie Gregson Macleod has already captured listeners hearts with her vulnerable lyricism and stunning vocal ability. She reveals her latest track "complex (demo)" musing on the quiet heartbreak of unrequited love.

"lmk" by davecreates

Once an aspiring footballer and now a musical artist delivering rhythmic lyricism over soulful soundscapes, davecreates drops his latest single "lmk" from his new album 'Amor'.

"fishing" by Uly

Dublin-based, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Uly is known for alchemising elements of jazz, pop and soul. His latest track "fishing" explores the romantic idea of 'the One', despite there being 'plenty of fish in the sea'.

"Old Ways" by Grace Gaustad

LA rising pop trailblazer Grace Gaustad releases "Old Ways", a mesmerising piano-led ballad from her upcoming multimedia album 'PILLBX: whts ur fantasy?'


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